6 Weeks Online Program To:

☽ Feel Empowered & Energized 

☽ Get Your Confidence Back 

☽ Remember Who You Are

Does This Sound Familiar?

➳ You feel a little stuck in your life

➳ It feels like you lost confidence

➳ You feel restless & not focused

➳ You want to get clarity on where you are now and where you want to go

➳ You want to find your purpose

➳ You want to be more positive

➳ You want to awake your intuition and learn how to listen to it

➳ You want to Be and Feel Radiant EVERYDAY

➳ You want to find inner peace

➳ You want to LOVE yourself and BELIEVE in yourself

➳ You want to feel Empowered 

➳ You want to say YES to life

A Dream Come True

Girl, I totally feel you and I get it too!

You know, deep down inside you know you deserve more. You just don’t really know how to get there.

You see a lot of e-courses and coaches that will be of benefit to you, but which one to chose, right?

And why shall you pick ANANDA? What makes ANANDA different from the rest?

I made an amazing bowl of good stuff which will take your life to another level. When you do the work obvisouly ;)

We will work on how to love yourself again, how to attract more money and all your other desires in life and best of all: how to get to know YOURSELF more. Who are you? Where do you want to go? 

Let’s get some clarity together and work towards your new YOU!

My Story

I've been there. I got your back woman. We all have our stories to tell.


A couple of years ago, my boyfriend and I almost got separated. He actually broke up with me. He was working on himself day and night, and I... I lived my life and let things happen.

At some point, he told me he didn't like this because our lives were going in different directions. I really felt angry and sad, because I didn’t see it coming and I also didn’t see what I was doing wrong.

After a long and deep conversation, we decided to give it a try and go for it. I realized that I didn’t work on myself at all, which invited me to do so now. 


From that moment on I started to do the work and I regret that I didn't do it earlier.

I started with meditation, gratitude practices, and some other and more personal growth work. It did not go smoothly...

I felt resistance, I didn’t feel ‘different’ than before, so why was I doing this?

I decided to keep on doing the work and at some point, I did feel different, more energized, focused, and happier.

From that moment on, which is 5 years ago, I'm more confident, calmer, more at ease, and more happy with myself.


When difficult situations occur in your life, the spiritual practice that you do and the self work that you do, really pays off.

My dad was sick for 5 years and decided to leave Planet Earth in October 2020. I was visiting my parents in March 2020 and because of the sudden lockdown, I couldn’t go back home (IBIZA).

These months were the most precious and special months I could have wished for.

I got to spend lots of time with my parents, did hundreds of healing sessions at distance to help others to feel more at ease, and channeled the whole program of ANANDA.

It needed to be born to be able to help women remember their inner power. 

By doing much inner work, the whole transition of my dad leaving us felt so much lighter than it could have been. I feel strongly connected to him, I know that everything is how it is supposed to be and that I am guided and loved, always. 

Besides my Reiki level 3 in 2017, I joined Jay Shetty´s online program, read many books, flew to Los Angeles to attend Tony Robbins´s seminar, did levels 1 and 2 of the IN SPIRIT training on Ibiza, attended a 3-month trajectory at the ‘Medium Vakschool’ (PSYCHIC SCHOOL) and had many healings and readings and other spiritual practices.

This all helped me to get to where I am now. I feel at ease, I listen to my intuition with full trust, I love my life, my ‘work’ never feels like work, I walk my walk and I talk my talk. I love myself for the woman I became. 

This is a bit of my personal story, but I´m pretty sure that one way or another you can relate to it. In June 2020 I decided to put all my daily routines, meditations, spiritual practices, and habits that I´ve learned throughout the years into one online program because all the Amazing Women out there should experience and see what they are capable of because that is A LOT!

And no it’s not a spiritual WOO WOO course where we draw Angels and blow feathers in the room, it’s down to Earth, it’s super clear and powerful and if you want, you can make it as spiritual as you want ;)

Since the ĀNANDA program which more than 100 women attended since 2020, I also organized 4 beautiful ĀNANDA retreats here in Ibiza, created my own ĀNANDA Oracle deck together with my friend Sascha and launched our podcast ‘Cards & Cava’.

This is the 'work' woman, all of this can change your life, for good.

Believe me, if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!


This is NOT just another course you see floating around the internet … 

It’s a complete transformational METHOD that will help you go from feeling lack of energy, feeling a bit (or a lot) lost, not knowing who you are or what you want…
to the Best Version Of Yourself.

This 6 week online program will give you clarity about who you are at the moment, who you want to be, how to put your fire back on, how to feel energized and positive, what your strengths are as a woman and how you can empower yourself and others.

We will work on your vision, your goals, action steps, self-love, meditation and manifesting everything you want and I have some nice surprises in store for you as well!

A Sneak Peak Inside ĀNANDA

Inside Ānanda

Take A Look Inside The Private Membership Area

This Is What You Could Experience

“What You Think, Believe, Say, And Keep Affirming About You And About Life, Is The Very Thing That's Keeping You Stuck”

Six Weeks To Transform Your Life

Get Clarity on who you are and where you want to go.

Get your confidence back.

Work on your Spirituality.

Believe in Yourself.

Learn the Art of Being Radiant & attract everything you desire.

Feel Positive & Energized.

Listen & trust to yout Intuition.

Tap into your power and full potential in all areas, confidence, career, money, sensuality...

Open up to the Unknown, where literally the magic happens.

Transform into the Best Version of Yourself.

This Is All You Get Inside Ānanda

Weekly PDFs With Lectures & Exercises 

Meditation Video Tutorial 

Powerful Daily Accountability 

Prosperity Meditation 

 6 Online Live Sessions With Me And Guest Teachers

Weekly Online Yoga Lessons 

Personal Coaching With Me 

Ānanda Oracle Deck

Beautiful Community of 10 Like Minded Women

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You can choose how to access, either by making a one-time payment of €3333 or by paying in 12 installments of €333, with a distance of 30 days between each one.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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Try Ananda for 2 weeks. If you don't see any result that make you Shine & Glow, just let me know and I´ll refund your payment.


And This Is What Other Women Say About Ānanda

Marina Brentar

I think my greatest breakthrough was developing more self love, listening more to myself and not being ashamed of exploring myself. I learnt more about spirituality and how to keep that inner fire going🔥.
I also found the breath work and Reiki very special. For a while I wished for more inspiration in my life and that's what this program and this group definitely gave me.

Kajan Liu

Entering the Ananda program will undoubtedly surround you with magic, love and beauty - from day one until the very end. Insightful wisdom, magical meditations and beyond powerful session are guaranteed.
And when you think this was it, Joëlle will sprinkle some extra magic dust over you personally - with so much joy and love. Joëlle is one of the sweetest, talented and beyond funny person, I know - and now is a forever friend.

Marloes Haagmans

Ananda gave me the power to empower myself. Because of the excercises and the amazing group of women it is the perfect program to grow and glow!
It gave me inspiration and new insights. 
I feel stronger and more energetic. I am a goddess!

These are the results of super powerful and comitted women who were and are willing to do the work. They, like you might be right now, wanted and needed a shift in their lives.

Some lost their confidence...

Some wanted to be guided towards their goals...

Some wanted to be aware of their patterns and habits because they were not aligned with what they wanted...

Some wanted to feel in love with themselves, again.

And others had different outcomes in mind.

But the common denominator is that they were fully determined to invest their time, energy and money to get guided through this beautiful process.

Love, wherever you are right now in your life and wherever you want your life to go and to look like, Ananda can help you close the gap.


How does the program work exactly?

Every week you will get a PDF with lectures and exercises, you can do them in your own time. You get these PDF’s through a membership area online.

You also get 1 meditation that you will do in your own time, the whole month.

Besides that we have around 4-5 online meetings with the group on certain days and times. The first one will be a Q&A and to ‘meet’ each other. The second will be a group Reiki session, we don’t need zoom for this but we all ‘meet’ at a certain day and time as well.

The third and fourth are surprises, but both on ZOOM as well.

It’s possible that you can’t make it to all the sessions/meetings, since we don’t have the same schedules and life and we have a big group of women. Some things will be recorded and send after, the Reiki session is different, but I will explain about this inside the program.

What does the accountability group means exactly?

You will have your own group of max 4 women during the month. This group is there to hold each other accountable. It’s not a control, it’s without any judgement and it’s a 100% safe space to share your stories, experiences, questions and growth.

Can I pay in a couple of times instead of the whole amount in one go?

Yes you can. At the checkout, you have the option to pay in installments. 3 monthly payments of 150€

How much time do I need to spend on this course?

Obviously it’s your own responsibility, but if you want to do it properly, you can think of 1/1.5 hours per day max. This included the meditation, the lectures and the exercises.

How long do I have acces to the program?

You have life time acces to all the PDFs and the Membership Area.


This Is What Happens In The Community

Imagine This:

You KNOW who you are and what you want
You have a clear vision of your goals
You KNOW your worth
Every day you wake up fully energized ready to take action
You FEEL Confident & Sexy AF
You FEEL and you are UNSTOPPABLE

Join me and start the journey to your Best Self 

Join Ānanda Now

You can choose how to access, either by making a one-time payment of €3333 or by paying in 12 installments of €333, with a distance of 30 days between each one.

One Time Payment

Life time access!


 Access to all training modules.

 Access to all the BONUS of the training.

 Content updates.

12 Installments Payment

Life time access!


 Access to all training modules.

 Access to all the BONUS of the training.

 Content updates.