10-16 OF APRIL
19-25 OF JUNE

A 5-Day retreat to Clarify, Recharge and Plan, So you fly back with an aligned mind, body and soul.

Discover Your True Self & Recharge Your Battery
In This M
agical Retreat On Ibiza

5 Days Retreat To Heal, Ground, Have Fun And Transform On The Magical Island Of Ibiza

 Reconnect with self
 Clean and clear your energy levels
 Release emotional blockages
 Make a clear vision of your future
 Get clarity on your desires
Empower your self love

Hi sweetie,
After 2 sold out, beautiful and powerful retreats in 2021, we will continue where we left off.

We live in a time where we should remember how important it is to do the 'work'. And by 'work' we mean work on yourself.

Your inner being. Your awareness, intuition, self courage and self-love, judgment, your shadows, everything.

We live in a time where it is ESSENTIAL to keep your vibration high and your energy in balance.

We are going to work on all of the levels in this retreat. 

5 full days of innerwork with a group of like-minded women in a beautiful house in the middle of the island.

The location is surrounded by nature and has many cosy places where you can relax or explore.

What can you expect?

➳ Vegan food from Raices de Ibiza
(Her food is pure medicine and will help you with your processes) 
➳ Healings
➳ Readings
➳ Breath work 
➳ Yoga
➳ Embracing and reconnecting with your body 
➳ Connecting with nature
➳ Channel exercises 
➳ Witch craft
➳ Sacred Ceremonies 
➳ Surprises!

Please note that this is an EXCLUSIVE retreat with only max 12 women.

In the 5 days you will be fully in your energy. You will get clarity about where you stand in your life, what things you are up against and how you can start writing your new life script.

You will be more in touch with who you are, how this person thinks, lives and feels. How you may start listening to your intuition more instead of those annoying little voices in your head. You deserve ALL in the world!

You will be working on your VISION on ALL LEVELS. 

On physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

We will look at what kind of beliefs you have around your vision. 

On an energetic level we will look at your blockages and what is holding you back.

We will do visualization exercises and we´ll make an action plan.

In addition, you can share this with the group and we all brainstorm about each other's vision and goals.

The Transformation Station Ibiza

A Day In The Retreat Could Be

8.00 Group Meditation

9.00 Snack & Tea

9.30 Yoga

11.30 Abundant Brunch

13.00 Group Energy Healing

15.00 Free Time
(time to get 1 on 1 sessions, journaling, have a snack, meditation etc)

17.00 Ceremony

19.00 Dinner

20.00 Fire ritual

21.30 Sleepy Time

Who Is Joëlle

Hey Love! I am Joëlle Jelisa, healer, channeler and singer.

I was born in the Netherlands but I live on Ibiza for 6 years now.

I started to sing on private events and weddings but in 2020 I started to give healing sessions, physical and on distance.

Since then I helped more than 700 people. 

June 2020 I created a 6 week online program ANANDA, where I guided more than 80 women finding their inner strength and self worth.

2021 I organized 2 beautiful sold-out retreats and 2022 we are planning at least 2 more. 

Since retreat nr 1 I had Sascha from CC by Sascha as sidekick which turned out to be to perfect combination.

We are here to guide you in your healing, vision and empowerment. You will go home as a different person, we promise!